Cabinex – EWT

Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (CO2) for Semiconductor and F.P.D Manufacturing.

Compact and Slim
The dimensions of the extinguishing system are approximately 25% more compact than previous models.

History Function
The control panel includes addressable points and history functions as standard. The time of a detector’s alarm, a fault situation, and the detector activated, can be easily checked on the LCD display.

CO for clean efficient extinguishing
The required amount of CO2 for extinguishing is calculated by using approved FM regulations to ensure complete extinguishment.CO2 is non-conductive and
clean. After discharging CO2 , there is little effect on the clean room environment and the protected equipment.

After Care and Service
Fire extinguishing system are essential for protecting life and equipment when a fire breaks out.

They must be reliable and maintained regularly. Hatsuta’s service network will provide users with the necessary “after care” and speedy service required.

High Quality, High Performance
Produced in on ISO 9001 factory. The Cabinex-EWT is of
high quality and meets world wide requirements.

  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (CO2) for semiconductor and F.P.D (Flat Panel Display) Manufacturing
  • FM Approved
  • Compact and Slim
  • History Function
  • High Quality
  • High Performance
  • 22.7kg, 45.4kg, 45.4kgx2