Misc – Renolin Unisyn CLP

The RENOLIN UNISYN CLP series of oils are fullysynthetic, polyalphaolefine-based lubricants. They display remarkable oxidation stability, excellent corrosion protection, very good viscosity-temperature behavior and good cold flowing properties which makes them suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

The RENOLIN UNISYN CLP series of oils are fully miscible and compatible with mineral oils in any ration. Their compability with all commonly used materials, seals and surface finishes is similar to that of mineral oil. This simplifies the change from mineral oil to RENOLIN UNISYN CLP and eliminates the necessity of prior flushing.

The RENOLIN UNISYN CLP series of oils reduce friction and wear, which in turn, increase the efficiency of all lubricated parts. Depending on the application in question, a number of mineral oil viscosities can be substituted by RENOLIN UNISYN CLP.