Structure Cabling System


AGNINDO ARTHA SENTOSA brings organization and security to your rack and frame. Route, separate and protect cable with this versatile collection of horizontal and vertical rack cable management solution.

We provides complete cabling systems that connect the IT equipment in your offices and data centers – from patch cords and wall outlets seen in the office, to cable running under floors and above ceilings, to connectivity panels that interface with active equipment in the IT room. Within vast data centers, hosting huge amounts of business critical information, we offers industry leading, high speed and high density solutions.


Solutions :

  • Horizontal Cable
  • Backbone Cable

Fiber Optic Solutions:

  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Single mode & Multimode
  • Fiber Optic Accessories : Fiber Panel, Connector, Pigtail, Fiber Patch cord

Copper Solutions:

  • Copper Cable : Cat.7, Cat. 6a, Cat. 6, Cat. 5e
  • Up & Stp Cable

• Accessories : Utp Patch panel, Modular Jack, Up Patch cord, Faceplate