Efficient Solutions for Mining


Advanced mining techniques have resulted in machinery manufacturers developing new equipment to meet the greater demand for efficiency, reability and ouput. This has necessitated the use of high power output equipment but with similar dimensional constraints and lower output speeds than previously utilized.

Underground is a though environment for any lubricant with dust, water, high shock load and varying operating temperatures. Fuchs mining lubricants are designed specifically for these hostile conditions :

  • Longwall Roof Support Fluids
  • Fire Resistant Fluids
  • Gear & Multifunctional Lubricants
  • Wire Rope Lubricants
  • Rockdrill and Pneumatic Lubricants
  • Diesel Scrubber Conditioners




Surface Mining and the associated ore refining and recovery industries place the highest demands upons lubricants. The mining industry requires a wide range of lubricants from heavy duty diesel engine oils to open gear compounds. Fuchs surface mining lubricants – a cut above the conventional lubricants.

  • Open Gear Compounds

Centak & Ceplattyn Open Gear Lubricants

Solvent free pumpable and sprayable open gear lubricant designed for the lubrication of dragline and shovel and mill gearing.


  • Mobile Fleet Lubricants

Mobile fleet lubricants – the result of intensive Fuchs research, Titan lubricants with the performance bonus – longer change intervals, less down time, lower servicing cost, rapid oil circulation after starting, less wear, better fuel consumption, environmentally friendly

– Titan Cargo 15W-40

Ultra high-perfomance, fuel economy oil for a variety of commercial vehicle diesel engines.

– Titan Truck Plus 15W-40

High performance oil for a variety of diesel and gasoline engines.

– Titan Universal HD SAE 15W40-I

Super high perfomance lubricant designed to meet requirements of European and Japanese equipment, with and without turbochargers.


  • Gear Oils

– Titan Supergear 85W-140 & Titan Supergear 80W90

A mineral universal gear oil for use in manual transmission and axle gearboxes in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

 – Titan Gear LS 90

Limited Slip hypoid gear oil for axles in commercial vehicles & passenger cars with or without limited slip differentials.


  • Transmission Oils

– Titan ATF 5000SL

Fully synthetic, multi-functional ATF for passenger cars, power steering systems and torque convetors.

– Titan ATF 5005

Premium ATF for automatic transmission in motor vehicles.

– Titan ATF4000

Multifunctional automatic transmission fluid for use in automatic transmissions as well as other ATF applications.

– Titan TO-4 and Titan UTTO TO-4 Range

Super high perfomance, heavy duty, multi-functional transmission and drive-train lubricants meeting requirements of Komatsu KES 07.868.1, Caterpillar TO-4, Allison C-4, for use in mining and earthmoving application.

– Titan Universal HD 10W

High performance monograde oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Specially developed for off-road vehicles.


  • Hydraulic Oils

– Renolin B Series

High quality AW hydraulic and lubricating oils.

– Renolin B HVI Series

High performance AW high VI hydraulic oil.

– Renolin MR Series

Renolin MR series are special HLP-D lubricating and hydraulic fluids according to DIN 51 502 with excellent corrosion protection, outstanding contaminant removing and transportation properties.


  • Brake Fluids and Engine Coolants

– Maintain Dot 4 & 5

Quality brake fluids

– Manitain fricofin Series

A universal antifreeze/antiboil corrosion inhibitor for all liquid cooled internal combustion engines in heavy duty mining applications.


  • Specialty Greases

– Renolit EP Series

Range of lubrication systems where consistent pumpability is required, and for ball, roller, needle and slow speed plain bearings.

– Renolit Eplith 00

A Semi-fluid gear grease of 00 consistency.

–  Renolit Duraplex EP2-I Series

A lithium complex grease capable of withstanding high thermal and mechanical loads. It has outstanding resistance to water washouts and provides excellent corrosion protection.

– Renolit CXI 2

An optimized calcium sulphonate complex thickened grease based on selection base oils.

– Renolit GSM Series

Multi-purpose high temperature and high perfomance grease fulfilling most critical requirements of leading global OEMs.

– Renolit LSTO

A premium gear grease for use in small to medium size gear cases as a fill for life lubricant.