Flood barrier

Flood Barrier by Geodesign has been designed for flood rescue operations under the most difficult conditions imaginable. It has also been used extensively for coffer damming in civil engineering work. An increasing number of engineers, consultants and emergency planners have gained experience from the practical and effective barrier system. We have a proven international record, with 30km of barrier on the market and numerous references. Flood Barrier has a simple and robust design consisting of a strong frame, made of galvanized high quality steel and designed to support aluminium sheets (STEEL BARRIER), waterproof plywood (BOARD BARRIER) or wooden pallets (PALLET BARRIER).




Protecting vital infrastructure

Without electrical power delivered from substations, without waste water treatment being able to function, there is not much hope for residents and businesses. It is crucial to keep the road and the rail networks operational. The barriers have shown to be a most effective tool for a rapid flood emergency response.

Take advantage of our experience

You have the vision and we have the tools for it. More than 32km of Flood Barrier free standing temporary barriers are now doing their job around the world, again and again, whenever deemed necessary. We would like to think that our case studies represent the beginning of how future floods can be fought. With volunteer “Flood brigades” and depots of barrier equipment, we can do our best to combat what the unpredictable wheater throws at us in the future. So, take the advantage of our long experience and establish your flood protection solution now. People will benefit from new technology, based upon sound engineering principles, and a proven international record.