Data Center Solution


AGNINDO ARTHA SENTOSA is uniquely qualified to provide support to businesses requiring data centers and computer rooms through surveys, assessments, design & engineering, IT and support infrastructure sourcing, construction management and implementation services, and commissioning and maintenance services.

We are data center experts with a reputation built on reliability, flexibility, transparency and excellence in service delivery.

All our data center designs are centred on their ability to provide continuous operations for the network services that they support. When construction of the data center is complete, data center operations & maintenance begins.

AGNINDO ARTHA SENTOSA provides maintenance services and solutions to support data center managers. These services include comprehensive regular scheduled maintenance for all facility supporting infrastructure and assets or preventive maintenance for the data center.

Quality infrastructure and operations

We design and build data centers in key locations to provide sophisticated levels of resilience, security and operational expertise with extensive connectivity.

Flexible, transparent and customer-focused

From the moment we first engage with you, we provide flexibility at every stage of the relationship. From choosing your particular location in the data centre to selecting the power, services and support levels you require, we deliver solutions to meet your evolving needs.


Everything we do involves designing and building data centers. From cross-connects and connectivity to complex power management, we understand every aspect of data centers and how to make them work for your business




Products & Services

Cooling solutions for IT equipment from network closets to data centers :

  • Air-Cooled Precision Air Conditioning ( PAC )
  • Water-Cooled Precision Air Conditioning ( PAC )
  • Chiller-Based Precision Air Conditioning ( PAC )
  • In-row Cooling Systems
  • Cold / Hot Aisle Containment


Comfort Cooling :

  • Water Cooled Packaged Units
  • Air Cooled Packaged Units
  • Heating Terminal Products (ex: Fan Convectors, Fan Coil Units, Unit          Heaters, Heat Exchangers)


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) :

  • Modular
  • Non Modular
  • Hot-Swappable


Raised Floor :

  • Calcium Subpart
  • Cementitious Panel
  • Woodcore Panel
  • Air Flow System
  • Accessories (Ex: Grommet, Panel Lifter, Outlet Box)


Fire Suppression System :

  • Active (OxyReduct)
  • Passive (Ex : FM200, Novec 1230, Inert Gas)


Fire Fighting System :

  • Fire Pump
  • Hydrant, Piping, Coupling


Air Sampling Smoke Detection System :

Air sampling smoke systems for active and very early fire detection for room and equipment monitoring


Security System :

  • CCTV (IP Camera, Analog Camera)
  • Access Control (Card Access, Finger Access, Double Access)


Environment Monitoring System :

Room Alert models monitor for conditions such as temperature, humidity, power flood/water, smoke/fire, air flow, room entry, motion, heat index, sound, light and much more. Room Alert will help protect valuable equipment and other important assets to minimize downtime and reduce losses if a disaster does occur.


Water leak Detection System :

  • Zoning / Spot
  • Metered


Rack System :

  • Rack Network
  • Rack Server
  • Rack Power Distribution


Interior Work:

Partition Gypsum, Painting, Door, Laminated Glass, etc


Electrical Work :

Electrical Panel, Lighting, Outlet Power, Grounding, etc