About us

Our Logo

Red represents Fire, New Energy, Creativity,
Enthusiasm, and Luck.

Indo reflects Indonesia, as our company origin.

AGNI 火災 (kasai)

Agni means Fire, which implies our involvement in EHS Business.

ARTHA 富 (tomi)

Artha in Sanskrit means Wealth, every investment you trusted to us, must be profitable to your company business in the future.

SENTOSA 繁栄 (han’ei)

Sentosa signifies Prosperity and the company’s objective to bring prosperity for our stakeholders, partners, and employees.

The Agnindo Artha Sentosa

We were founded in 2012 as a general distribution & service company.

Since then AGNINDO ARTHA SENTOSA has undertaken projects in fire safety, security, building solution, as a data center solution. Our customers include commercial buildings, industries, and government institutions.

Consisting of experienced professionals, AGNINDO ARTHA SENTOSA cooperates directly with world-class manufacturers as their trusted & authorized distributor & data center solution.

We are committed to guarantee the best quality of product & service to meet government regulations, international standards, and exceed customer expectations.

Vision & Misson

Our vision is to be a leader in the distribution of Fire Safety, Environmental, HVAC system, and Lubricant that serves Commercial Building, Industrial & Public Sector.

Our mission is to provide the best and qualified products, systems, services, and guaranteeing excellent after-sales service.
Partnering with world-class and reliable manufacturers to fulfill every customer needs..